Audience Testimonials, Los Angeles, Fall 2019

“You are a gifted human being. I was completely enthralled the entire performance.”

—Kimberly Boone, architect, writer

“Phenomenal. Amazing. Courageous. Breathtaking. Everyone needs to see this show.”

—Barbara Straus Lodge, writer/essayist, founder of Above the Noise Foundation

“Lilly Bright has created a powerful solo play about her decades long struggle with bulimia and growing into being “enough.” She is a compelling physical presence and a raw, vulnerable storyteller. I encourage all my local theater and writer friends to head out to Highways in Santa Monica to see this show!”

—Sheila James- lawyer, writer, solo performer

“I am blown away by @lillybright76 in her performance this evening @highwaysps. I knew that this would be a heavy topic, but was curious since I had my own struggles as a teen with an eating disorder. Watching her perform was mesmerizing to see. She played several characters, and was so fluid in her transition with each one. I was so taken by her story, and her expressions and body language. She draws you in. There were moments when she would be looking at me and I wondered if she could feel and see my reactions, and she did. @mynakedinalaska did an amazing job at directing. They make a wonderful team because of their experiences.”

—TinTin Belgian- Blogger, Influencer

“Amazing show!!!! If you are reading this and haven’t seen it, GO SEE IT!”

—Keida Mascaro- film producer, director

“Powerful, raw, honest, vulnerable, tender, heartfelt and funny! “

—Veronica Jo Klein- real estate agent

“Absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this show! Lilly Bright is a force! Truly, deeply, profoundly moving performance with every cell in her being engaged. I was, quite literally, on the edge of my seat, and my heart, the entire show.”

—Jennifer Tracy, MILF Podcast founder, writing coach

“Raw. Heartbreaking. Real. Humanizing. Healing. Impactful. Vulnerable. Important. Hopeful.”

—Tina Luferuby, Health + trauma coach

“Fabulous show! Loved everything about it! The narrative, the acting and the simplicity of the set allowed the complexity of the script to really be appreciated.”

—Yosh Han, world-renowned perfumist & clairvoyant

“You did a perfect job of telling your story while making it relatable.  Your performance was raw, honest, super kinetic, spare.”

—Holly Rothschild, Dancer, choreographer, director. Artistic Director, String Theory Productions

“Heart-wrenching in the most honest and vulnerable way.”

—Bea, Somatic Practitioner, Los Angeles

Audience Testimonials, Santa Fe, March 2018

“I really appreciated Lilly’s honesty and her grace in telling us such a difficult passage, and it was really lovely to see her transformation from being so just so captured by her illness and the release of it in the end was really beautiful. I would say to someone coming to see the show that they should be prepared for an incredible story about hope, transformation, and love.”

—Debrianna Mansini, award-winning actress and writer known for Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul (2015), Crazy Heart (2009), and her Off-Broadway Solo Show, The Meatball Chronicals (2018)

“I’m a literary agent, so I see hundreds of books a year and I’m always impressed with what is good writing and Lilly’s performance was a body of work that showed great writing and history of raw truth which is really hard to get on the page much less act on a stage.

I’m also on the board of La Jolla Playhouse for 19 years and I’ve seen so many one woman shows, and this is the best I’ve ever seen from the sense of choreography, stage movement, passion. The story is profound and moving. I would definitely see this show many times.”

—Margret McBride, literary agent & La Jolla Playhouse board member

“What struck me the most was Lilly’s ability to really be vulnerable and tell her individual story without taking herself out of the context of her family, so I think when we stay in love and we stay connected even in a family when there’s been a lot of pain, which is the case for so many people, then I think that’s courageous, that’s where healing really happens.”

—Camille Adair, R.N., educator, speaker, documentary filmmaker

“Lilly’s story was incredibly inspirational. I’m touched and I’m moved. I would recommend this show.”

—Audience member, Santa Fe, March 2018

“I found Lilly’s show incredibly moving. I thought the different voices coming through were beautifully connected, and the way she integrated it into a whole towards the end, and the way the story was revealed—I was so impressed by her vulnerability. It was really moving. I would totally recommend it.”

—Amy Sayers, artist, Santa Fe, March 2018

“It was remarkable- her performance- and the writing. She’s a remarkable performer.”

—Audience member, Santa Fe, March 2018